Bodhi Seeds

View our offerings from Bodhi Seeds, Supernatural Selections and Nierika Seed Trust.

Copa Genetics

Copa Genetics has been selectively breeding cannabis for over 30 years.

What started out as guerilla growing in the swamps of New England has transformed into a passion and lifelong quest for the “perfect plant”.

Doc D Seeds / Magic Spirit Seed Co

View our offerings from Doc D Seeds / Magic Spirit Seed Co

Dominion Seed Company

View all our offerings from Dominion Seed Company


PJ aka #PJennings is the masterful breeder behind #LED_Seedz and he has been working with cannabis and breeding since 1979.

40+ years experience with the cannabis plant..

Lucky Dog Seed Company

Come take a journey on all things #chemdog with us.

We are your #fuel #depot

This is a lifelong #chemdogskva project sourced from love for the plant.


The entire platform of StrayfoxGardenz is built on an extremely reputable, very well respected breeding program, that was put together over time by Strayfox, Bodhi Seeds and the cannabis community.

All strains by Strayfox have been tested by the community or close friends before release.

~May the green gods heal the world, 1 seed at a time~ Stray

Wicked Sowa Seeds

All these crosses are a result of the reversal of the keeper pheno of Sour Skittles. These are all Feminized seeds with 10+ per pack.

Feminized Seeds

View our collection of Feminized Seeds.

Regular Seeds

View our collection of regular seeds

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